Fat infusion to a chest

Fat infusion to a chest

Fat infusion to a chest

It is the fat infusion method to be said to be one of the breast-enlargement surgery.

I absorb the subcutaneous fat of own stomach and thigh and am a method to pour the fat which I absorbed into a chest.

The sustained time for effect becomes long, but, as for the surgical operation time, liposuction is necessary; will suffer than inject hyaluronic acid.

Because fortunate one is one's fat, we will do not have to worry about an allergy and the rejection.

When it is injected to the fatty layer of the chest, as for the fat, it is said that it is busy to capillary little by little.

Of the fat which there was the individual difference, but injected arrive, and a breast augmentation effect is quite provided plus as internal body tissue of the busts half semipermanently.

Without the worry that a trace is left like an operation to use the female for, this is because there are few burdens to a body, and what I finish uses a special needle for a method to inject fat.

The fat which I absorbed does 洗淨 with a saline and I choose the good fat cell which is in a state and inject it.

It is enabled to prepare a bust line effectively to be able to choose a part and quantity to pour.

In many cases, it is the fat infusion using the hyaluronic acid having a short it during the effect period that I assume special time at the time of important events and am used.

It may be said that the fat infusion that an effect follows for a long time is more effective for art of breast augmentation.

It is a product for people to want to avoid inserting the alien substances such as bags in a person and a chest in hope of permanent bust up.


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